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Smart Rocket SIM Stopped Working on China Unicom VN007+

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China Unicom VN007+ 5G CPE is a modem router that supports both 4G / 5G wireless and wired connection. It is supposed to be compatible with all networks. However, some units have stopped working with Smart SIM after free data promo expiration. It doesn’t work even if it is subscribed to a new data promo.

It is likely that the Smart network blocks the IMEI of the device. You must know some users suggests that changing the IMEI of the modem would resolve the issue. So—does it really help?

Let’s discuss in detail and find out how to change the IMEI of China Unicom VN007+ 5G CPE modem router. 

How to Fix Smart Rocket SIM on China Unicom VN007+ Modem?

First of all, you need to unlock the root access if you want to change the IMEI of the modem. Next, it requires you to downgrade its firmware to V 1.10.10 and open ADB port. Following this, you will need to download lower version of firmware and ADB tools.

Here are all insights you need to know:

Unlock Root Access

  • Connect your PC to the modem, go to the default IP address, then login using username: admin password: admin. 
  • If the default IP address is inaccessible, you can open Command Prompt terminal. Simply type ipconfig /all and see the default gateway.
  • Next, you need to enable the developer mode of the browser. So, press F12 or Fn+F12 keys and then cick Console tab. After this, type Page.level=1 press enter key. 
  • From the Modem Dashboard, navigate to Management > System Settings > Change Password. You need to select the Administrator user and then input the new password (for example 12345). 

Downgrade Firmware Version

  • Download the firmware here,
  • Login using root access, username: superadmin password: 12345.
  • Go to the Management > system upgrade then click browse, select the old firmware version 1.10.10. Click upload button, then system upgrade. 
  • If your system firmware is higher than 1.12.15, you need to downgrade to the next lower version one by one. It will take few minutes to upload and flash the firmware into the device.

Open ADB port

  • Download ADB tools here. Extract it in the drive C.
  • Go to Management > ADB switch, enable it.
  • Run Command Prompt as administrator, change the directory where extracted ADB tools is. Type the following commands one by one.

cd C:/platform-tools_r34.0.3-windows

adb connect

adb shell

mdlcfg -f SYS_WEB_SUPER_PWD_RULE=”1″

mdlcfg -a SYS_WEB_SUPER_PWD_RULE=”1″

mdlcfg -f SYS_SUPER_LOGIN_PWD=”12345″

mdlcfg -a SYS_SUPER_LOGIN_PWD=”12345″

mdlcfg -c


Change IMEI of China Unicom VN007+ 5G CPE

  • Go to free online IMEI generator. copy it.
  • Login to the modem using the root access.
  • Go to Management > AT Command.
  • Input this command, replacing the new generated IMEI. then press send.


So—once you are done, you need to restart your device. Just make sure to check the internet connection. If required, you can also upgrade back to the latest firmware version.


The Smart Rocket SIM has stopped working on the China Unicom VN007+ 5G CPE due to likely network restrictions by Smart. The majority of resources says that IMEI blocking has caused this issue. 

However, you can attempt to resolve it. All you need to do is “change the IMEI of the modem”. Simply unlock the root access, downgrade the firmware, open the ADB port, and then use AT commands to update the IMEI.


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