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AdSense standard account can delete sites

I’m writing this post to inform you that having another standard user account in your Google AdSense is not a good idea. You should be cautious when giving access to other people you don’t know well.

There are two kinds of user account that can manage a Google AdSense approved website. One is the owner or the account administrator, he has full control of the entire sites and account. The other is a standard user account, he can also manage to see your sites and other data about it but limited to access and remove the account owner.

A standard account cannot delete the owner account but he has permission to delete your sites. Again, he can delete your sites, this is not a good default permission setting by Google.

If you are new to Google AdSense, never give access to other people unless you know and accept the risk.

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How to add Standard Account in AdSense?

Adding new users will give access to your data including sites, traffic, report and earnings. To add users, send an invitation by email. You must add his email address by navigating; Google AdSense Settings > Access and Authorization > User Management > New User > input his email address then click Invite User.

Once he clicks the Accept button received in his email, he will be able to see your Google AdSense account as well.

How to remove users in AdSense?

To delete user account in AdSense, Go to Settings > Access and Authorization > User Management. From here you can search the name or simply select the user below and click the ellipsis button and choose to remove.

What would happen if my website was deleted in AdSense?

If your site was removed unintentionally, you won’t be able to recover and undelete it. As per Google policy, you need to add it again or submit it to Google for review and approval. This will take some time, from days to weeks. You should receive an email notification from Google AdSense if your site is approved or declined.


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