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Lucky Load promo in GCash

Lucky Load is a load raffle promo by GCash. It gives eligible users the chance to earn and play a raffle ticket. Users will get a free raffle ticket when they buy at least 50 pesos load using GCash app. To submit entries, users need to play the ticket by choosing lucky icons and submit it for raffle draw.

There is a pot prize that will be shared by winners who won the 6 matched icons in no particular order. If there is no winner, pot prize will be rolled over to the next raffle draw until promo ends.

Winning icon combinations will be posted in Lucky Load dashboard and official GCash Facebook page. Winners will get notified by SMS, App notification and or phone call by GCash representatives to verify identity.

Prizes will be credited to verified GCash account winner within 15 business days.

How to earn Lucky Load raffle ticket

To earn a raffle ticket, simply buy at least 50 pesos top-up load to telco or broadband product. The promo is open to fully verified existing and new users who buy local loads in GCash app. You’ll get 1 raffle ticket for every purchase worth 50 to 99 pesos load. Once played, a ticket is valid for the daily draw.

How to play Lucky Load in GCash

Users must play the raffle ticket to make it a valid entry in the raffle draw. Here’s how to play the raffle ticket;

  1. Buy at least 50 pesos telco product from GCash.
  2. Open the notification message “Congratulations! You just earned a ticket to play in Lucky Load!”, tap View Details.
  3. Tap any ticket to play.
  4. Select 6 icons from the ticket below.
  5. Tap Submit to submit your raffle ticket.
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Keep your ticket reference number.

How much is the Pot prize?

Daily Pot prize are as follows:

  • Tuesday – Php 70,000
  • Wednesday – Php 80,000
  • Thursday – Php 90,000
  • Friday – Php 100,000

Players who have 6 matched icons in no particular order are eligible for the draw prizes. Each pot prize will be divided into a number of winners, so each winner will get a part of the total pot prize.

To learn more about this promo, please visit GCash promo.


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