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GCrpto- Trade, transfer and store Crypto in GCash

GCash – the largest e-wallet in the Philippines has launched GCrypto recently. This feature allows a registered account to trade different cryptocurrency directly from GCash mobile app.

GCrypto feature has been added in your GCash app under “Enjoy” section. You’ll be able to access the service by downloading or updating GCash into the latest app update version.

The new crypto trading in GCash app has been powered by PDAX, a cryptocurrency trading platform in the Philippines.

To use the service, you’ll need to share your GCash information such as personal details, investment experience and financial goals. After that, you can now proceed to the trading dashboard.

How to trade cryptocurrency using GCrypto

Using GCash, you have to top-up your trading wallet to start buying cryptocurrency.

To top-up your wallet, tap “TOP-UP YOUR TRADING WALLET” then input the amount. There will be no convenience fee when paying via GCash, just tap Continue. You need to review the amount then tap PAY. Payment will be sent to PDAX.

Going back to the dashboard, here you can now trade by buying cryptocurrency. It shows you the total crypto portfolio value, trading wallet where you can top-up or withdraw, lists of crypto assets, transaction history and crypto articles where you can learn how to trade crypto and NFTs.

Cryptocurrency available in GCrypto

As of March 2023, there are a total of twenty-two coins and tokens that are available to buy and sell in GCash.

  • BTC – Bitcoin
  • USDC – USD Coin
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • USDT – Tether
  • BNB – Binance Coin
  • ADA – Cardano
  • SOL – Solana
  • DOT – Polkadot
  • AVAX – Avalanche
  • LTC – Litecoin
  • UNI – Uniswap
  • MATIC – Polygon
  • LINK – Chainlink
  • XLM – Stellar
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • AXS – Axie Infinity
  • AAVE – Aave
  • GRT – The Graph
  • BAT – Basic Attention Token
  • ENJ – Enjin
  • SUSHI – Sushi
  • SLP – Smooth Love Potion
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How to buy coins and tokens with GCrypto in GCash

  1. To buy crypto coins or tokens, navigate to View All > Enjoy > GCrypto.
  2. Top-up your wallet.
  3. Tap BUY, search or select cryptocurrency from the list, it will show you the current BUY price.
  4. Enter the desired amount, it will show you how much crypto you will receive. Minimum and maximum buy amount were also shown.
  5. Tap Get Quote, the price refreshes every 10 seconds. then tap BUY.
  6. You’ll receive a confirmation message of successful purchase.

The price value of your crypto portfolio will be updated.

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How to send and receive with GCrypto in GCash

Like any other crypto wallet and exchange platform, you’ll be able to send and receive crypto using GCrypto service in Gcash.

To send or transfer your crypto, Go to Crypto Assets then tap the BTC (for example), then tap Send, enter the desired amount, scan or paste BTC address. There will be a computation for each send transaction. Finally tap SEND BTC.

To receive a crypto, just go to Crypto Assets then select which crypto you want to receive. Tap the receive button, it will show you a QR code and address, you can copy the address and give it to the sender. Make sure to give the correct transfer channel to avoid loss.

Final thoughts

It is important to know that the price of crypto is so volatile, it can change very quickly. So, if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading, make sure to invest the right amount of money. Wait for the low price to buy and sell it at a high price, that’s how crypto trading is.

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With this new service in GCash, users can now trade and store their favorite coins and tokens. GCash may need to add graphic chart to be able to see and understand the price movement of each crypto.

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