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Bard: Google’s chatbot to compete with chatGPT

Bard AI chatbot is an experimental technology introduced and developed by Google. Bard AI allows you to chat with generative AI and helps you to think and create ideas. You can use Bard to boost your productivity, accelerate your ideas and fuel your curiosity. However, because it is an experimental technology it could generate inaccurate or inappropriate responses.

Bard AI is based on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) technology that lets you collaborate with generative AI. This chatbot can supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and help you bring your ideas to life.

What can Bard AI do for you?

According to Google, Bard AI chatbot can brainstorm ideas, get a quick, easy to understand summary of more complex topics or create first drafts of outlines, emails, blog posts and poems.

However, Google asserts that Bard’s responses have limitations as well. We should not rely on its responses as medical, legal, financial or other professional advice.

Warning: Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google views.

How to start a conversation with Bard?

If you are in the US or UK, you can proceed to chat with Bard, otherwise join the waitlist instead.

To start with Bard, visit this link Sign in using your Google Account. Enter your question or prompt in the chat box, then press enter or click submit.

You can give feedback by clicking reaction button (like or dislike), regenerate response (reload) or click the Google it button, it will give you a Google results.

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What can chatGPT say about Bard AI chatbot?

We have asked “chatGPT” about bard, and here’s the response. The AI chatbot cannot recognize the new collaborative AI by Google because chatGPT can give accurate answers if the question is 2021 or earlier. For this example, the AI bot gives a different response.


Bard is considered in development stage based on Google’s description. We will give an update comment regarding Bard’s capability and response once the system is launched in the Philippines.


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